With more than 30 years of Lamination experience and technology and continuous improvement and innovation, the customer experience is more satisfying.

  • Cheng Hong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of stickers and synthetic machines. Continuing 30 years of manufacturing experience and technology, as well as the customer's actual feedback, from the initial integration of the single machine to the entire line of automated production line machinery.
  • In recent years, under continuous improvement, we have committed to the development of new PUR laminating machinery. This machine is suitable for all kinds of sheet metal and synthetic materials, such as PVC foam board, acrylic board, aluminum board, and honeycomb sheet.
  • In the future, Cheng Hong will continue to expand itself and continue to introduce more sophisticated and diversified automation products with dedicated dedication and enthusiasm.




Automatic fire door production line 3D process


We are a leader in the field of laminating machinery

With decades of experience and development, Cheng Hong Machinery has become a leader in the field of laminating machinery. Whether it is cold/hot presses, rolling presses, cloth machines, curved wood molding machines, etc., there are very mature developments and applications. Easy to operate, safe, and durable is our first aim.

  • In addition to meeting customer needs, we will further plan the profitable blueprint for future development.
  • Simple structural design, precise and sturdy, low maintenance cost, and durable.
  • Continuously advanced automation functions, so that each machine can be connected to each other in a direction of full automation.

01 /Arrange product process carefully


02 /Customized automation pur glue adhesive production line


03 / Achieving Carefully each customer's needs

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    Towards the world trend of automated production

    Customer-oriented planning methods to meet the diverse needs of new and old customers. In addition to the traditional production of small-scale laminating machinery, it can also provide a fully automated production line integration solution, even the upgrade of the old model, Cheng Hong is glad to provide you with the best solution.

  • Comprehensive electromechanical integration capability

    The smooth operation of the automated production line and the stable production quality depend on the integration capability of electromechanical. Cheng Hong has many years of experience in automation production line and sufficient electromechanical integration capability and innovative technology to adjust the most suitable production efficiency according to the customer's demand capacity. To ensure consistent quality yields, while taking into account the safety of personnel operations and material exclusion, Cheng Hong always thinks more about customers.